Personal Training

Personal Training is both an Art as well as a Science

The latter part is obvious, and involves a fundamental understanding of anathomy, physiology, biomechanics, recovery, nutrition, and other disciplines.

The Art lies in understanding people. Each and every client is an individual and unique being, with specific belief systems, habits, dreams, faults, strengths and weaknesses. Our job is helping that individual employ appropriate movement habits into their life. We hope that during our cooperation, you will learn the basic principles necessary for training independence and build daily “movement hygiene” habits. You will be taught how to manage your body to get the most out of life in general.

The Advance Training Performance System is a way of creating a training program that respects the uniqueness of the client’s lifestyle. It is composed of four pillars, Assessment, Movement, Programming, and Regeneration. Each pillar is co-dependent on all others to achieve a healthily performing state.


To achieve positive changes, one must employ adequate stress to induce a change. Too little, or too much will not work or even cause some problems along the way. In practice, the work done in training must be adequate to the capacity and regeneration of the client. Simultaneously, all performed movements must not exceed the anatomical limits of the client. The last but not the least, newly developed healthy habits must correspond to client’s individual goals and life situation.

The Advance Training Team is looking forward to being your guide on the path of building resilience and capacity for life. We hope that decades of our experiences, will help you to shorten your journey to success!

Best Wishes on your journey to health and empowerment!