Personal Training

Each unique person responds differently to stimulus (training load), as well as nutritional intervention. We are here to apply our experience to build you a training and nutritional plan to suit the rest of your life. There is no such thing as the best plan for all. If anyone ever tries to sell you a system which works best for all; they certainly have no clue what they’re talking about. In reality, there are no two people who will react the same way to any intervention. Hence the term “personal training”. In our world, there are two fundamental pillars of personal training:

1. What the client wants
2. What the client needs

It can be a challenge to find a compromise between the two, but it is precisely in this balance where our clients achieve real, lasting results. We want our clients to be able to enjoy athletic training and skill development, but they must first “earn” the right to train like an athlete by preparing the body for it. We will always progress, or regress any system in order to keep technique safe and optimal, as well as to prioritize avoiding injury.

There is a polarity on the market between “health-oriented” strength training, and so called Athletic / Cross training. In the former, we see trainers doing the work of physiotherapists, while their clients lay down for an hour to perform deep breathing exercises and stabilizing their joints; with a grand total of 4 calories burned during the session (joke); results are seldom seen. In the latter paradigm, clients are pushed over the edge, and often driven to failure, while lifting weights they can hardly control. The energy expenditure is great, and there can be visible results, but often at the expense of their joints, and often ending in injury. Furthermore, because often clients lack proper progression, and therefore athletic capacity, they find themselves without energy during their work day; exactly because the training intensity was too high. Our vision is that these two extreme approaches should be balanced; and most importantly, individualized. There is a time to work hard, and there is a time to regenerate. Same applies to volume of work performed. Unless these elements are calculated, and correctly applied to the individual, and more importantly fitting the pace of their lifestyle, results and safety are hard to achieve. For this reason, we are constantly diagnosing our clients, and adapting our routine to suit their current physical, mental, and emotional state on the spot.

Unless you have a very specific goal in mind, you will rarely receive the same workout twice. To keep things fresh, we offer a wide-array of body-mind activities including the following:

-Strength training for health and performance
-Deep Breathing and Core Conditioning
-Body Alignment and Stabilization
-Circuit/Interval training / Conditioning
-Functional Training – Suspension Training, Kettlebell, TRX, BOSU, VIPR
-Traditional Weight Resistance training / Bodybuilding
-Power Lifting
-Explosive/Dynamic training, Plyometrics
-Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Capoeira, Kobudo, I Ai-Do (Paul Bielak)

We also offer Nutritional Councelling as part of our personal training packages, or full nutritional analysis performed by our nutritional consultant.