Advance Training App

Individualized training programs and healthy lifestyle resource

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2000 CZK / 3 month2800 CZK / 3 month
VAT included
For requests and further information on individual training porgrams please contact:

Every human body is unique and therefore responds best to individualized training.

Our experience and training system is now available to you anytime, anywhere through your phone.


Free health and training resource

  • The video gallery included in the application is filled with short videos discussing training, health, nutrition, relaxation and many more topics.

Tailored training programs

  • Contact our team and book a consultation with one of our coaches.
  • The consultation includes an interview regarding your training goals, training experience, injury history, and assessment of your body and movement.
  • Your training program is created based on the consultation results.
  • The cost of a 3-month training program is 2 000 CZK (including VAT) for AT clients, and 2 800 CZK (including VAT) for non-AT clients.
  • To ensure that your program matches your improving fitness, and to prevent overuse injuries, every program must be updated after the 3-month (12 weeks) period.
  • Update and prolongation of your program requires additional consultation with one of our coaches. Depending on your individual situation and needs the consultation could take form of meeting, call, or email discussion.
  • The trainer will design the training program according to your needs, including exercise selection, specific volume (sets and repetitions), and intensity (load).

Large exercise library

  • The exercise library used to create your training programs is regularly updated and growing.
  • Every exercise includes video and description make your training effective and safe.

Training timer

  • An easy-to-use timer is included to help you keep track of work and rest periods.