At Roots Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Marcin Dochnal helps to improve how the brain and body function together. Through careful examination and analysis, Chiropractic has been shown to help with acute and chronic musculoskeletal complaints and general well being. Dr. Dochnal has a personal interest in metabolic function and general health. A combination Chiropractic and regular guided exercise is the best way to maintain a high tolerance for physical and mental stress.

The AT vision includes a 360 degree multidisciplinary approach whereby strength and conditioning is guided by rehabilitation objectives; improving efficacy and sustainability.

Whenever we refer a client to Marcin’s care, we not only get back a better functioning client to work with, but also a detailed report of recommendations. Likewise, when Marcin sends us referred clients, we support his great work with our strength and conditioning program, helping his clients become strong, functional, resilient, and mobile; thus making his process more effective. Physical training and therapy are a continuum, both necessary to achieve an optimal state of health.

The cooperation between AT and ROOTS has been a rewarding one with great results. Together each achieves more.

Roots Health Clinic