Bc. Katarína Chramcová Hálova - Personal Trainer
katarina chramcova

Katarína Chramcová – personal trainer, Functional Patterns Human Foundation practitioner

I used to do many sports from a very young age. From gymnastics to karate, swimming, volleyball and basketball, I finally moved to athletics, which brought me many national and some international successes. Thanks to sport, I developed a deep relationship with motor activity and healthy lifestyle, which I decided to develop even more and study more closely at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. After earning Batchelor’s degree in “Recreology”, I decided to study fitness in more depth in London, England and in Sydney, Australia where I gained not just valuable knowledge but also practical skills and a new insight on problematics in fitness, health oriented exercise and healthy eating and nutrition. I am currently mostly affected by the training system The Functional Patterns, in which I earned certification in February 2020.

The Functional Patterns system was developed by Naudi Aguliar specifically for humas as the only mammals functioning bipedal on the Planet Earth. The Functional Patterns is partly based on the principles of The Anatomy Trains by Thomas Mayer, which looks at the body as one unit and pays extra an importance to the fascial system. The fascial system is a complex tenegritial system that is continuous through all the human body, so we always train the body as a whole in a functional way, rather than to focus on the individual muscles.

The main aim of corrective exercises is to remedy the disbalances and improve the most important movement patterns of everyday life. It is aiming to improve posture, gait cycle, running, and throwing technique. After mastering the fundamental corrective exercises, we implement dynamic movements in all planes of motion. These exercises are challenging as well as fun, and play an important role in development of strength, strength endurance and coordination. This system teaches us to understand and to feel our body, and to know how to engage and feel our muscles. Especially important is a structural integrity and tensegrity of the body as a one unit, which is why I like this system very much.

I live by a saying which has been passed from generations to generations for almost 2000 years: “Mens sana in corpore sanno” – “In healthy body healthy spirit”. Therefore, I put a big importance on creating a perfect balance in my clients’ everyday life by including right motor and compensation exercises. These will release the pain, correct the disbalances and improve overall performance and resilience. Healthy lifestyle should bring you happiness and satisfaction from doing something good towards your health without any unnecessary stress and disappointment by not accomplishing unrealistic goals you might have set for yourself.

Education and Qualification:

2008-2011 – University of Palacky, Recreology – Lifestyle management, Bc. Recreology
2011 – Nutriacademy Brnno, Nutritional advisor
2013-2014 – Australian College of Sport and Fitness, Sydney, Certificate III. in Fitness
2014 – Discovery learning Manchester, Suspension training certificate
2014 – Premier Training Internation London, Total group instructor training
2015 – Nutriacademy Praha, Sport and weight reduction nutrition
2015 – 3D Fitness academy, Functional training
2015 – Norman´s Academy, Health based training
2015 – Face Academy, Pre and Postnatal training
2015 – 3D Fitness congress of Health and Movement
2016 – Stabilization of Scapula and centration of upper limb, IQ Academy
2016 – Stabilization of Hip and centration of lower limb, IQ Academy
2016 – Automobilization of the spine, FACE academy
2016 – Human ontogenesis, 3D Fitness Academy
2016 – Abdominal muscles in movement, 3D Fitness Academy
2017 – Human Foundation on-line Course I, Functional Patterns, USA
2017 – Super core training, 3D Fitness Academy
2017 – Perfect glutes, 3D Fitness Academy
2020 – Functional Patternes Human Foundation Practioner