Paul Bielak – Founder, Master Trainer

Paul Bielak – Founder / Master trainer


I have been practicing martial arts and fitness in Canada since 1991. At the age of 19, I decided to move to Japan to learn the arts of the Samurai. I lived there on and off for 10 years. I was lucky to make great teachers and friends, and train with K-1 and UFC fighters. I was also fortunate to follow my passion for martial arts to Brazil. I have practiced, competed in, and taught Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, I Ai-do, Kobudo, and Capoeira. In my mid-twenties I was training to become a K-1 kickboxer, but following an injury, decided that it would be more fulfilling to focus on empowering others. Since then, I have been working as a personal trainer. In 2009 I married, and moved to Prague.

I am one of those very fortunate people who get to do what they love for a living. What I do is not just a job, nor is it merely a hobby. Its a lifestyle commitment. I offer custom designed training programs for both beginners and advanced. I diagnose each individual from the perspectives of physical structure, lifestyle, and nutrition. After applying movement and stability tests, discussing daily schedules and timing, and agreeing on a reasonable dietary regime, I can feel confident about providing my clients with a path toward results. Primarily, I wish for my clients to understand the process, so that they may own the principles of fitness for the rest of their lives. Fitness and wellbeing are every person’s right to be claimed.

Personal training is about evoking an individual’s maximum potential. The most rewarding feeling is helping someone move and feel more powerful, balanced, and dynamic; bringing about fluidity, grace, and self-confidence.

Martial Arts

In regards to intensity, I have never experienced anything like kickboxing. It is fast paced and aggressive, but need not be violent. For building condition it is one of the most effective sports. Because everyone has a different purpose in kickboxing, I teach in many different formats. Whether the goal be function, technique, or conditioning, impact force and contact levels are adjusted accordingly to suit the goals and needs of the individual. I learned kickboxing from Kyoshi Vito Brancaccio, and graduated from his school, All Canadian Martial Arts, as a Black Belt Instructor in Karate and Kickboxing. My relationship with the All Canadian family is 30 years long, and I have spent thousands of hours in practice, and instructing under their roof. There I had the privilege of training and sparring with elite fighters, world champions in boxing, kickboxing, and ultimate fighting.

One of the most inspiring people I had a chance to learn from in Japan was Takahira Sensei. He was the most generous man I have ever known, who befriended me, and taught me as he would his own son. Both him, and his wife Toyoko taught me about Bushido, Samurai honor, and ethics. I Ai-Do, The Way of the Sword, is a moving meditation involving unsheathing, cutting, and sheathing. There are a variety of forms and applications, following the traditions of various schools. This activity improves precision, attention, and sensitivity.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art developed during the 16th century. Today’s Capoeira can be many things to many people. Some say it is a martial art, some say its dance. Others refer to it as a game. Mainly, it is a physical education involving all the senses. There is focus placed on rhythm, balance, coordination, ease of movement and flow. It changes an individual’s perspective on movement for life. I am fortunate and greatful to be an instructor of “Cordao de Contas” the internationally recognized Capoeira association, and for having the experience of learning under my Master’s roof, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, leading the association in Canada, organizing international workshops in Canada, as well as travelling to Brasil and Japan with my Canadian students.

Martial Arts

  • Black Belt, Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing, Toronto, Canada
  • Black Belt in I AI-DO, traditional Japanese sword, Tokyo, Japan
  • Instructor degree in Capoeira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fitness Related Certification

  • 2009 Holmes Place Academy – Personal Trainer Education level 1 and 2
  • 2009 Power Plate International – Core Fundamental level 1
  • 2010 Power Plate International – Golf training II.
  • 2010 Power Plate International – Fitness and Performance level 2
  • 2010 TONUS Trainer Academy – Dr. P. Tlapak
  • 2011 TRX – International Suspension Trainer certification
  • 2011 Gray Institute – Flexibility/Mobility
  • 2011 Gray Institute – Resiliency/Adaptability
  • 2011 Gray Institute – Strength/Power
  • 2011 Gray Institute – Lifting
  • 2011 Gray Institute – Chain Reaction – Functional Muscle Function
  • 2011 Gray Institute – Applied Functional Science – Nomenclature
  • 2011 Academy Face Czech – Functional Anatomy II
  • 2011 Gray Institute – Chain Reaction – Functional Muscle Function
  • 2011 Gray Institute – Applied Functional Science – Nomenclature
  • 2012 Gray Institute – Chain Reaction – Proprioceptors
  • 2012 Academy Face Czech – Automobilization of the Spine
  • 2012 BOSU Balance Trainer – Mgr. Zbynek Petr
  • 2012 Holmes Place Academy – Controversial Fitness
  • 2012 Holmes Place Academy – Health Oriented Functional Training
  • 2012 Roseta – Centred posture in the context of developmental kinesiology
  • 2012 Holmes Place Academy – Postural Diagnostics
  • 2012 Holmes Place Academy – Diagnostics of Deep Core Stabilizers
  • 2012 Gray Institute – Chain Reaction – Skeletal
  • 2012 Holmes Place Academy – Pilates in fitness I & II
  • 2012 TONUS Health oriented strength training in the gym, and the traditional Chinese approach
  • 2012 ViPR® International Certified Trainer
  • 2012 Gray Institute – ACL Prevention
  • 2013 Jenny Burrell Education – Pelvic Floor and Power Plate
  • 2013 Holmes Place Academy – Strength Training Systems
  • 2013 Anatomy Trains – Body Reading as a Skill
  • 2013 Anatomy Trains – Superficial Front and Back Lines
  • 2013 Anatomy Trains – Lateral Line and Deep Front Line
  • 2013 Anatomy Trains – Spiral Line and The Arms
  • 2013 Anatomy Trains – Assessing the Spine
  • 2014 Holmes Place Academy – Diagnostics
  • 2014 WestSide Barbell – Personal Training and Athletic Coaching certificate
  • 2015 3D Fitness – Anatomy Trains 1
  • 2016 Altius Gruppen – McGill 1, Building the Ultimate Back
  • 2016 Strength Sensei – Achieving Excellence in the Power Lifts, Charles Poliquin, Matt Wenning, Ed Coan
  • 2016 Holland Centre – Sunnybrook Health Sciences – McGill 2 – The Detailed Back Assessment: Reducing Pain and Enhancing Performance
  • 2017 Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 1
  • 2017 Performance RX – McGill 3 – High Performance Training
  • 2017 Sport Performance and Injury Prevention – Czech Olympic Committee
  • 2018 BackFitPro McGill 3 Master Assessment Course
  • 2018 Craig Liebenson’s First Principles of Movement
  • 2018 EXOS Strength + Power Performance Workshop
  • 2018 DNS The Medicine od Movement System in Sport
  • 2019 Craig Liebenson’s First Principles of Movement II
  • 2019 BackFitPro McGill 3 Master Assessment Course


“I’ve had the pleasure of training with Paul for the past four years. He is the most knowledgeable and dynamic trainer I’ve ever worked with. Even after four years I find myself learning new things, and it feels like no two sessions are ever the same. We use so many different forms of functional training, including taking advantage of the newest equipment and techniques. This has kept me interested in coming back, and as someone with a busy schedule, I highly value the time I allow for myself and taking care of my body. Finally, I find Paul to be an engaging and fun personality whose enthusiasm for his work rubs off on you and keeps your motivation to „keep moving“ very high.”

Mike Kubena, CEO PwC Central and Eastern Europe

“A true professional in every sense of the word, Paul embodies a spirit and can-do attitude that goes beyond looking at you physically, but truly holistically. He knows how to get results out of you… he pushes you and makes every session both challenging and fun. Trusting him and his methods has allowed me to shed kilos and become fit again… he makes you want to go to the gym and work out with him!”

Mario Mele, Independent consultant, (former Vice President at Vodafone CZ)

“I met Paul in Prague in 2008. During the time that I lived there, I worked with him three times per week and enjoyed every minute. With Paul, I began a physical training regime that I still employ today, even though I no longer live in Prague. As a result of my time with Paul, I also changed my eating habits, my lifestyle, and my general outlook on life. I am sure that my time with Paul will add years to my life, and improve the quality of those years. I am so glad to count Paul as a friend and advisor even today.”

Matthew Weiner, principal, East West Alliance

“I can’t thank Paul enough for his help in reaching my personal fitness goals. I’m very involved in my professional work and to be honest had really let myself physically go. Paul put together a realistic fitness and nutrition plan which worked to build my capabilities over the short and long term to get me to my goal. He gave the right balance of pushing me to achieve, and encouragement. Overall it was a very positive experience for me.”

Michael Hoskin, Director, Conference and Events