Back Mechanic

Stuart M. McGill, PhD

Professor of Spine Biomechanics

Department of Kinesiology, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences,
University of Waterloo,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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Dr. Stuart M. McGill is a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo, in Canada. His advice is often sought by governments, corporations, legal experts and elite athletes and teams from around the world. Difficult back cases are regularly referred to him for consultation. He is the founder of

Advance Training –
Performance Training Center for the McGill Method

Advance Training was built on an ideal of continuing education, as well as the ongoing evolution of the Personal Training profession. Our goal is to achieve pain-free peak performance by taking the time to build a strong foundation for loaded movement. Considering appropriate stability, mobility, and prioritizing individual compensation in the beginning of the process allows for proper physical function, and a reduction in injury rate later in the process of developing endurance, strength, and training capacity as it relates to any specific work or sporting demand.

Our culture is to progress and continuously improve the personal training experience, while ensuring health and science based protocols; as well as lasting performance results. Advance Training is a private facility built with Quality, Service, and Cleanliness in mind.

Dr. Stuart McGill’s work heavily influenced the proprietor in establishing diagnostic and training protocols. Currently, under the tutelage of Dr. McGill, Advance Training offers consultation, assessment, and training programming in the area of health oriented exercise and sport performance training. As the Provider of the McGill method, Advance Training can offer a unique perspective on your current back pain by assessing, explaining function, and programming corrective exercise, as well as offering feedback to your current doctor or physical therapist.

Paul Bielak’s movement experience spans over 30 years in martial arts, fight sport, fitness, strength and conditioning. He has worked and learned abroad in Canada, Japan, Brazil, and Europe, and is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. In an attempt to find balance and commonality between the areas of rehabilitation, prevention, and peak athletic performance, he found the McGill method most relevant to his work; since it has given him the most appropriate solutions and explanations. Since then, he has been using Dr. Stuart McGill’s protocols as a foundation for the practice of all his disciplines, as well as for fundamental daily "back hygiene" for his clients.

Paul currently offers Back Mechanic seminars and practical workshops to trainers, laymen, and companies in Central Europe, while traveling to Canada to see Dr. McGill personally for further study.