Club Vision

Advance Training is a private and limited-capacity club. To that extent, it is the opposite paradigm to a commercial fitness environment. Our space is small, clean, private; yet fully equipped for world class training. The moment the client comes through the door, we focus 100 % of our energy on them and their progress.

Advance Training was created with Quality, Service, and Cleanliness in mind. We consider these three pillars fundamental in the personal training experience.

We emphasize team work within our trainer circle; as more minds tend to arrive at better results through constructive cooperation. We work as a team to accommodate our client‘s busy schedules.

Culture, Philosophy

Advance Training was built on the premise that we are working with individual beings and not merely physical bodies. We are here to assess you, be your coach, a source of information, an educator, and a supporting motivator.

Our goal is to engineer your own individualized strength and conditioning routine into your life and execute it right in your living or work space. We are here to be a conduit towards your success, through a combination of personal training in Prague, online coaching, and through the use of our App.

We hope that each member who enters our door feels at home in our small family environment, and we hope that each member gets to take a piece of AT home with them as well.

We believe in keeping things simple, natural, and common sense; understanding and respecting human physiology to the extent that we achieve a positive adaptation within the body.

We respect the fact that you pay for our time, and wish to surpass your expectations; rather than simply meeting them.

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