Club Vision


Advance Training is a limited-capacity club. To that extent, it is the opposite paradigm to a commercial fitness environment; where “the best trainer” is usually the one who sells the most sessions. In our case, we rather wish to offer service of the highest possible quality, and to be judged only by the results we help people achieve. The moment the client comes through the door, we focus 100 % of our energy on them and their progress.

We emphasize life-long education among our training team, and refuse to work with any trainer who isn’t truly obsessed with what they do.

This is not the kind of gym where you go to find a date, or spend the most of the time chatting with your friends. This is a place where you go to cultivate your body; and achieve real results.


Our Credo :

– Do only what you love, and do it very well.
– Never sacrifice quality.
– Continue growing and learning despite success.
– Maintain Humility
– Use what works, discard the rest.
– Do what you teach


Culture, Philosophy

Advance Training was built on the premise that we are working with individuals and not merely bodies. We are here to be a coach, a source of information, an educator, and a supporting motivator. We are not here to judge you, or your past and present lifestyle choices. We are here to present you with alternative choices and solutions, as well as the experience towards helping you achieve a new body and sense of well-being. In short, we are here to be a conduit towards your success. The moment you no longer need us, we consider ourselves successful. In fact, clients of ours who have achieved results usually stay with us not because of a need, but rather because they value the process and support. We hope that each member who enters our door feels at home in our small family environment.

We are not here to sell you product which you don’t need. Our core business is personal training. If we ever suggest a nutritional supplement, its because we truly think you could benefit from it. In general, we consider 99 % of gym supplements useless, and potentially counterproductive. We believe in keeping things simple, natural, and common sense; understanding and respecting human physiology.

Not one member of our training team considers themselves all knowing, despite being well established and experienced in the industry. On the contrary, we put emphasis on mutual consultation within our trainer circle; as more minds tend to arrive at better results through constructive cooperation.

Advance Training was created with Quality, Service, and Cleanliness in mind. We consider these three pillars fundamental in the personal training experience. The environment is private, or semi-private, where 100 % of our focus is on the client and their training experience. You will never see a trainer ask a client to sit on a bike for 15 minutes by themselves to “warm-up”, or “cool-down” by themselves. We consider this a very lazy and careless way to train people. We respect the fact that you pay for our time, and wish to surpass your expectations; rather than simply meeting them.


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