Mgr. Michal Elčkner – Personal Trainer

Mgr. Michal Elčkner – Personal Trainer, Group lessons Instructor, Lecturer of proffesional seminars and retraining

MOVE – an integral part of our lives; man was created in and for the move. But first, we should move well, then we can move a lot.

Not only when upbringing our kids I put emphasis especially on the body posture, versatility, precision. I keep these principles also with my clients. Movement is a passion for me, as well as the work that fills me. Continuous study of global concepts (Pilates Clinic Method, Spiraldynamik®, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolar and others), combination of these concepts, discussion with colleagues, training, workshops, new sports challenges, is a driving force for everyday practice. A practice that helps me be better in what I teach.

I teach how to MOVE.